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What follows is a turmoil of emotions, family trouble, and a little problem created by jun pyos mother who disapproves of jan dis poor beginnings. She tells jan di that there are two men on the island. Special goo junpyo geum jandi moments that will stay fresh in my heart forever. Young nari is a transferred scholarship student of shinhwa high. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Sooahs pov all night all i could think about was gu jun pyo and woobin it was like i was stuck on repeat throughout the night. A series of beautiful memories from boys over flowers. Woo bin had been dating jaekung for a while since everyone has been back to seoul, korea. Although these dramas may have come to an end, these moments will live on in hearts of viewers forever as some of the greatest scenes in kdrama history. Jihoo then hallucinates for a moment, thinking jandi is sleeping nearby. Apr 29, 20 boys over flowers is a show that revolves around the prestigious shinwa high schools popular group known as the f4 flower four.

I wish jan di and gu jun pyo were real and married somewhere having babies and being. Song woo bin, so yi jung, goo jun pyo, geum jan di, yoon ji hoo. This sets off during the times gu jun pyo and geum jan di sets off for there honeymoon gail and yi jeoung moments. I walked to the bathroom and started my morning routine for school, soon i was finished i heard woobins voice downstairs. When jan di stands up to junpyo after he humiliates her only friend at school, she becomes a target. The story is very long, which mostly revolves around the interactions between jan di, gu jun pyo and yoon ji hoo. Gu jun pyo lee min ho and geum jan di goo hye sun in boys over flowers. The real story is the main guy gu junpyo of f4 fights. Junpyo and the entire student body try to make jan di so miserable that she will leave.

Jan di dismissed the household servants for the night as she walked up to jun pyos room. He smiles too widely, hands in the pockets of his white coat, and is embarrassed too, after. Gu junpyo is unmatched in every scene hes in so about every time he went out of his way to rescue our disrespectful oompa loompa body ass b jan di from danger or showed his devotion for her are absolute tiebreakers for the best moments in my book. Apr 14, 2018 f4 is made up of four young men, gu junpyo, yun jihu, lee jeong, and song wubin. Though this drama is the one that shot lee min ho to fame, its more than just a highschool. Instead, here its early on, right after the ji hoo issue is resolved. Theyve dealt with amnesia, car accidents and interrupted weddings, but in the shocking finale of boys over flowers, jan di puts her love of jun pyo to the ultimate test. He was in line to inherit the company from the time of his birth. Humblegoody2shoes after 4 years the gang has got to get back together for the wedding of one of the f4 members namely gu jun pyo and geum jan di, how will the wedding push through if there will be some obstacles on the way. Just read a book called the echo maker awesome read if you have the. May 30, 2009 actually the answer was told by the fortune teller in the island.

He was the heir of shinhwa group junpyo was born into the famous gu family, founders of shinhwa group. Top ten kdrama moments of the week october week 3 boys over flowers lee min ho as goo joon pyo koo hye sun as geum. Gu junpyo was the leader of the f4 and a student at shinhwa school. You re the dummy gu junpyo who likes the unpretty, poor, nameless me. After she delivers her famous roundhouse kick, jun pyo falls completely in love with her and pursues her. Boys over flowers this was one of the saddest episodes. Gu jun pyo is heartbroken and gets into trouble with the police, later that week he meets with a car accident while trying to save yoon jihus life. Geum jan di and gu jun pyo reunite, however due to her friends being threatened by his mother, geum jan di leaves the city after spending loving moments with him.

The final scenes of the series show us what happened to. Will there be love triangles, broken hearts and cute moments. Boys over flowers image uploaded by find images and videos about lol, kdrama and lee min ho on we heart it the app to get lost in what you love. A collection of one shots based on ariana grandes yours truly album. Yi jung is living it up in sweden, gu jun pyo has shinhwa group and geum jan di, and even jihoo has embraced his destiny as a physician. Gu jun pyo played by lee minho geum jan di played by ku hyesun yoon jihoo played by kim hyunjoong i had a difficult time reconciling myself with the fact that i enjoyed boys over flowers, while being disgusted that the showrunners never addressed how cruel the main characters were to kids outside of their circle. Jun pyo and jan di have been married for about three years now and everything was great. Kim bum also has a little sidestory with jan di s best friend while song win boo does not have much story associated with him during the drama although he still plays an important part in. She tries to split them up and to do that she sends joon pyo far. Geum jan di ku hyesun is poor but through a series of events ends up at an elite high school, where she runs into gu junpyo lee minho and his gang f4. The trademark hairstyle of goo joon pyo is certainly unforgettable. Can you believe it has been over seven years since boys over flowers premiered. Geum jan di and gu junpyo reunite, however due to her friends being threatened by his mother, geum jan di leaves the city after spending loving moments with him. Gu junpyo lee minho is a wealthy and imperious young man who heads up the schools most powerful and attractive clique.

There starts a love triangle among them after facing a lots of problem. Yi jung and ga eul were married two years after jun pyo and jan di were. Jul 30, 2012 but i mostly just wanted the leading man, gu jun pyo, to get whatever he wanted, since he was the best thing in this really fun drama. Yi jeong pov its been days after jun pyo and jan di s wedding and things are back to normal after the hype of the said event after witnessing that wonderful and happy moments. Jandi wanted to decline by her parents forced her to go.

Gu jun pyo declares to the school, that jan di is his girlfriend. She is after all getting married to the the great gu jun pyo. Will they get their happily ever after, or will the romance of the plucky schoolgirl and the arrogant playboy prove too different to last. When her best friend and soul sister jan di tells her she is about to attend shinhwa high school she saw a. Geum jan di ku hyesun is poor but through a series of events ends up at an elite high school, where she runs into gu jun pyo lee minho and his gang f4. Jun 20, 2015 boys over flowers is a classic that is practically required viewing for any kdrama fan. Join facebook to connect with chantel linda and others you may know. F4 consists of leader goo jun pyo lee min ho, yoon. I mean, ji hoo is really sweet and everything, but i think jun pyo and jan di have better chemistry.

This was such a cute drama a deep moment from goo joon pyo. Boys over flowers my first drama and a great one to start on for beginners. Junpyo was born into the famous gu family, founders of shinhwa group. Aug 15, 2016 it is the age old story of geum jan di who unintentionally grabs the attention of rich brat gu jun pyo. Min ho is the quite voilinist in the background who will somehow make you root for him throughout the show, even though you may really want it to turn out the other way.

The japanese version is much more hilarious, while the korean one has more intense drama and tragedies happening one after another. Boys over flowers 2009 a 10th anniversary overview korean. Jun pyo took her hand with a beaming smile still amazed at how beautiful she looked today. I literally laugh my ass off through every episode. But when he realises that he has like no reason to live anymore, he has to find another one. I didnt want to be bothered this morning i looked out my window and opened it and left a note on my bed for minny before climbing out of. From the laughs that the strong and hilarious jan di brings to the moments of anger and frustration towards jun pyo s evil mom, we missed it all. Geum jan di ku hyesun is a humble young daughter of a dry cleaner. They are the schools popular bullies, and no one messes with them until jan di. Korea version of boys over flowers official photo book scan.

Story goes on having beautiful moments to remember and finally joon pyo started dating jan di but as love cant go on so easily, there arise numerous difficulties as joon pyo was rich and his mother was cruel and selfish business women and also the president of shinhwa group. Jerkface gu jun pyo, boys over flowers boys over flowers lee min ho. Geum jan di initially hates him and his two friends, so yi jung and song woo bin. F4 is made up of four young men, gu jun pyo, yun jihu, lee jeong, and song wubin. Jandi began to hate them for using their privilege for bad rather than good. Some scenes are funny, others bring back the tears full force, and some are a heartwarming reminder of the lovestories kdramas tell best.

However, jan di has a crush on yoon ji hoo, jun pyos best friend. It is so hilarious, the characters are so unique and charming and stupid all at the same time. Irked by her strongheaded nature, gu junpyo singles out geum jandi to bully but she. Most popular netflix show in every country around the world. Jun pyo then puts a red card in jan di s locker which indicated that she was a victim of the f4. When new student geum jandi unknowingly crosses paths with junpyo, she. The formidable f4 goo junpyo, yoon jihoo, so yijeong and. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. And jan di and ji hoo are kind of more like brother and sister than lovers.

Jan di is not one to be put in her place and stands up to f4 an action which earns her their grudging admiration. Gu jun pyo s unbeatable love in jan di wins and gu jun pyo and jan di. Nevertheless, she decided to lay low until her new friend oh minji accidentally angered f4s leader gu junpyo. The next day, she finds red card inside her locker and whole school starts bulling her. He is also jun pyos closest friend in f4 oooohhh so the drama begins. While he is declaring it, ji hoo arrives back from paris. So yijung x chu gaeul, gu jun pyo x geum jan di, song woon bin x jaekyung rated t to be safe language. Boys over flowersepisode 10 jun pyo played by lee min ho and jan di played by gu hye sun. She is stubborn, however, and refuses to back down. So what would happen if jan di were to meet someone else while jun pyo was away.

In one of the most popular dramas ever, people cheered them on, cursed them a bit, and sweated it out to see if they would make it as a couple. Hana yori dango boys over flowers tv works archive of. Gu jun pyo geum jan di hes supposed to have fashion sense yet this is the outfit he picks for his girlfriend. Makinodomyouji scenes are sweeter than jan dijun pyo which seemed awkward at times jan di never seemed to be in love with jun pyo even till the end. Decided to change the rating, i might add some you know what scenes not suitable for young readers. Jun pyo whisks jan di, the f4, and jan di s best friend, ga eul, off to new caledonia.

He is jan di s first love intrest in the drama before jun pyo comes and steals her heart away. She is the only one who is strong enough to stand up against jun pyo after he attempts to humiliate min ji, jan di s only friend at the school. The only thing i can come up with is that hes trying to keep the other boys away. When jan di is at the bridge before she leaves for the fishing town, she says ji hoo is her soulmate leaving jun pyo to be the husband. Right from the start, jan di does not fit in at shinhwa, especially when she encounters f4 for herself. They not only appear like greek gods for the girls in shinhwa high but also to the other people outside school. His place has always been in seoul in the darkness, in the filth, on the streets. So it happens to be that it talks about only gu jun pyo. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. The basic premise of boys over flowers is like a cinderellastory. Gu jun pyo fell in love with jan di but jan di fell in love ji hookim hyung joong. After a long wait, jun pyo and jandi finally lock lipsits coming ah yes, the hype for boys before flowers is so great that if lead actor jun pyo sneezes, the forums entries will be talking about if he sneezed well what more if geum jan di goo hyesun and goo junpyo lee minho kiss. For instance, the part where jun pyo pretends to be in a coma while she confesses her feelings is meant to take place wayyy later in the manga.

And to the annoyance of jun pyo, jan di and ji hoo are attracted to each other. Boys over flowers is a 2009 south korean television series that is based on the japanese. Shop thousands of high quality, bts drink coasters designed by artists. Four rich kids are close friends since childhood,and are popularly referred as f4. There is a quote in there somewhere, about hindsight being 2020. Lets just take a minute for the cheekbone here that boy is sharp. Everything good that happens to him is done for him. Gu jun pyo and geum jan di ll beautiful creatures minomi 15, 28052018 jun pyo and jandi stand by me boys over flowers i m a kpoper, 050720 goo junpyo geum jandi moments. I jan 01, 2012 jan di, boys over flowers based on popular japanese manga series hana yori dango or the korean action drama series, boys over flowers, ana huang, an american author, has penned her young adultromance book, all ive never wanted, that traces the story of a high school girl named, maya, who wants to pass this phase of her life. Everyone is moving up and moving on, except for woo bin.

All i could think when i saw this scene was, he stole that move from squints. Looking at the time she yawned as it read 2 in the morning. Gu junpyo lee minho pulls a series of mean spirited pranks on jan di in an effort to bring her around to the fear and worship like behavior that most bestow upon him. Jan di, who has strong sense of justice, cannot bear the saucy behavior of gu junpyo, the leader of f4, and does not bring herself to his knees. F4 boys over flowers boys before flowers meteor garden kdrama geum jan di chibi baek seung jo two worlds ji hoo just some more of my favorite jun pyo x jan di moments. It tells the story of geum jan di goo hye sun as she attends a prestigious high school and gets involved with f4, the most popular guys at school. At that point, jan di isnt conscious enough of her feelings to be saying anything along the lines of what the drama has her say. Geum jan di cannot stand the injustice and stands up to the leader of f4, gu jun pyo played by handsome lee min ho, who is set to inherit shinwha high and countless companies as the son of the richest family. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

Decor thatll make your drinks taste better not really. When jan di stands up to jun pyo after he humiliates her. Barely a week passes before her bluntness, determination, and loyalty captures the attention of gu jun pyo and yoon jihoo and earns her the respect and friendship of the other two f4 members. This scene has some of the most romantic dialogues in. This group consists of 4 very rich, very spoilt and extremely good looking boys goo jun pyo, yoon ji hoo, song woo bin, so yi jung who consider themselves high and mighty above all in the school. Lets take a look back on this classic drama favorite and reminisce about all those puppy love moments.

My first drama and a great one to start on for beginners. Finally, jan di s father placed her hand in jun pyo s and told him to keep her in his heart forever and be happy. She had just gotten off from the western franches as well as speaking with jun pyos sister, jun hee, for a half hour, before going back upstairs. If you havent read the manga you need to know who geum jan di chooses ahead of time or you will end up angry at the end. Boys over flowers, a fun and fluffy bingeable kdrama with. Gu junpyo is heartbroken and gets into trouble with the police, later that week he meets with a car accident while trying to save yoon jihus life that causes him to lose his memory. Even though i love jihoo as much as the next fangirl, i was pretty pumped when i saw jun pyo.

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