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Fleet management software is an application that assists in tasks related to the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of an organizations vehicles. With real time overview of your fleet, you can optimise routes and respond quickly to new jobs. Protect your business with driver safety scorecards and fullyintegrated dashcams. Logging fuel use and monitoring driving standards is almost impossible without vehicle management software.

Fleetseek provides real time dash camera and gps tracker safety systems, fleet tracking software and customised management reports with the smartest fleet tracking software tools in australia today. Accelerate the transition to low carbon fleets and charging infrastructure with evenergi. Reviewing 106 of the best fleet management software applications. Compared to other fleet management platforms, fleetio is priced very fairly. Gps location, history, and health in realtime from your desktop or mobile devices. Replace spreadsheets and paper with a centralized mobile fleet management solution designed to make your work easier. Get the most out of your heavy equipment operations by ensuring that your support vehicles are effectively deployed and utilized across your job sites. Track vehicles, trailers, and any other asset with realtime gps. Gps fleet tracking management software verizon connect australia. A key factor in deciding to go with rta as our fleet maintenance software 1 was the longevity of the company. Tigerfleet has been helping transport companies for over 20 years, changing.

It is available either in the cloud or it can be installed in your local onpremise server. Fleet management is an industry term used in reference to a broad range of solutions for vehiclerelated applications that help companies manage their fleet of commercial motor vehicles, such as cars, vans, trucks and busses. Fleet management systems using vehicle tracking software helps you cut fuel costs. Across all our sites the mex maintenance software captures comprehensive maintenance history for all our entire fleet. Traxroot fleet is a web based fleet management software to track and manage your movable assets. Learn more about how our easy to use dashboards can help you monitor vehicle and driver performance, organize your fieldworkers with online job management, dispatch, invoicing and more. The interoperability of this solution allows information to be collected to and from multiple locations and conveniently displayed, emailed or saved using the interactive website, or made available through api.

Fleet management systems enable driver coaching to driven by driverspecific metrics, rather than generic training courses. Fleet management software small business fleets linxio. Fleetco is a web based vehicle fleet maintenance management system written in php with mysql database backend. We utilise web based applications and integrations so that you can manage your fleet anytime, almost anywhere and. Hall contracting is australia s largest privatelyowned dredging, civil and marine construction company with offices in australia, south east asia, and throughout the pacific. Our construction fleet management software and gps vehicle tracking system analyzes real time data about your fleet and team of drivers. Forget all the spreadsheets and complicated, outdated, clunky software. The functionality of these systems are continually being. Between gps location tracking for both powered and nonpowered assets, fuel usage monitoring, and maintenance record. Linxio gps fleet management and vehicle tracking system and software platform is one of the most feature rich platforms in the world, with a team of over 20 full time developers constantly working to make the platform better and better every day. Smartraks poolcar, pool booking solution provides a platform to manage, monitor and book your fleet s shared vehicles and assets. In effect, it is a sophisticated database with numerous applications that enables the recording and reporting of the key attributes that can help improve efficiencies and drive down costs.

Compare the best fleet management software of 2020 for your business. Our software uses a modular system that can be configured in any combination. Integrated real time tracking cloud based solution dash. Operating on australian turf since 2004, intellitrac has the fleet tracking software most businesses can benefit from. Electric vehicle fleet management software australia. Search a portfolio of free fleet management software, saas and cloud applications. Whether you require pool vehicle booking, procurement, service and maintenance management, fuel, tollway or accident management, roadside assistance, or any of our other solutions, you can work with only the modules you need. As part of smartraks platform, poolcar takes the headache out of vehicle and equipment allocations, allowing greater visibility of your shared fleet, its use and availability whilst improving accessibility.

Workwave fleet management software solutions acquired the smbtargeting telematics company, gps heroe. Vehicle fleet manager is a powerful and wellconstructed program to help you keep track of your vehicles and drivers. Better fleet management software means better management insights. Fleetmex is a computerised maintenance management system cmms specifically written for any company that manages the maintenance of a fleet of equipment. We utilise web based applications and integrations so that you can manage your fleet anytime, almost anywhere and thats good for business. Fleet management fleet management software system solutions. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 assets, fleetio provides the web and mobilebased software you need to manage your fleet remotely. Trimble pulse telematics fleet management software provides realtime data and insights about fleet utilization and your team driving vehicle performance.

Easy2use software is fleet management and compliance simply done better. Fleet management software capterra australia capterra. Fleet maintenance management software track repairs. Fleet dash cam hd video, ai and driver data join forces to help you coach drivers and mitigate risk. Fully optimize your fleet by giving fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers, and other personnel access to the tools and information they need. Fleet management softwarevehicle maintenanceworkshop. Designed to service large fleets, small fleets, and everything in between, our fleet management solution will. Automated reminders will ensure that all your tasks are done on time. Download fleetco fleet maintenance management for free. Fleet management software gives fleet owners an overall picture of their vehicles. We did find a few bugs during testing, but they were far outweighed by the.

Nov 28, 2018 the best fleet management software shows pinpointaccurate locations of the vehicles in your fleet, notifies you of maintenance and fuel updates, and provides analytics that help improve your processes and save money. Fleet management solutions help to schedule preventive maintenance activities, as well as vehicle licensing, repairs, and other information. Our gps fleet management software can help your business reduce fuel costs, improve productivity and customer service. Fleet management software allows fleet managers to track all fleet vehicles from a unified platform. Managing a mobile fleet in real time is both challenging and necessary to meet servicelevel demand. Keen to expand their reach, intellitrac are gaining ground internationally, but they are nonetheless still a key provider of fleet management software in australia. Fleet management software helps heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their daytoday operations. The best fleet management software of 2018 pcmag australia. Fleet management services fleet administration manager.

The first step is to decide which fleet management modules you need. Fleet seek fleet tracking software fleet utilisation. Our fleet management software includes a free car operating cost calculator. The company, headquartered in glenview, il, has offices in the united states, mexico, united kingdom, new zealand and australia.

To further ease operations, some software vendors also offer fuel management, inventory tracking and maintenance, and employee management capabilities. To enjoy the real profit using fleet management software, one should invest some dollars to increase their business revenue and realise what really matters with the updated fleet technology. Austrackers fleet management software is more than just a way to communicate with your team on the road. Create a maintenance calendar and send scheduled and nonscheduled service notifications to drivers or fleet managers, based on time or usage requirements. See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Fleet management software 2020 best application comparison. Afmas membership base is represented across all industries including federal, state and local government and is responsible for the management of many hundreds of thousands fleet. Modern fleet management software eliminate roadblocks from anywhere. Fleet management systems primarily help manage and maximize the lifetime performance of cars, vans, trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

Time to remove the chaos involved in managing your fleet of drivers. Learn and understand how fuel consumption is impacted by driving habits, time of day spent driving, and the vehicle make and model. Simple fleet solutions provides fleet management software and other fleet management services to organisations in australia. Weve compiled a list of the 10 best fleet management software choices for different size fleets. Getapp is your free directory to compare, shortlist and evaluate business solutions. The fleetmex maintenance software achieves this by utilising simple but efficient maintenance modules that transform your computer into a maintenance control centre. Route manager enables users to plan around timewindows and. Construction telematics fleet management gps tracking software. Webfleet fleet management software tomtom telematics. Time management software for fleet managers verizon connect. We assist organisations to track their fringe benefits tax obligations, assist organisations implement log books for the operating cost method and assist with other fleet services including providing discounted fuel cards, vehicle cost tracking, fleet software support. Fleet management software helps businesses dispatch and track their vehicles from anywhere. Streamline your business and make local delivery easy.

Gps vehicle tracking platform is developed and maintained in australia, making it. Fleet maintenance management software allows you to plan and track the servicing and repairs of your vehicles, assets and equipment to give you actionable information to increase efficiency within your maintenance program. These solutions enable the management, tracking, maintenance, and accounting of vehicles and fleets. Ctrack provides complete visibility of your fleet so you know where each vehicle is in real time and how each driver is performing. Theyve been around a long time and had a good track record. Inhouse software solution smartfleet fleet management. This acquisition will help workwave expand its telematics offerings among smb customers, increase the number of channel relationships and grow its range of fleet management products. Key metrics can be defined by the system owner such as idling time, harsh cornering, excessive acceleration, etc. Geotabs fleet management software, mygeotab, simplifies insights and transforms it into useful information for businesses. Sherpafleet delivery management software making local. Opensource fleet management software does not fit todays fleet business. Over 25 years experience in the telematics industry internationally, with over 10 years experience in australia. Fleetco was initially designed for trucking companies in mind but it can be useful for any person or company having a fleet of vehicles.

Take a look below each image displays a small sample of the fleet management features and were happy to provide more details on request. The australasian fleet management association afma is a member based, notforprofit peak industry body throughout australia, new zealand and south east asia. Ausfleets fleet management software provides tools to assist with forecasting, vehicle maintenance, workshop management, procurement, scheduling and more. Fleet management software must be able to allocate these to the right driver and ensure they are resolved. Insurance management insurance across the entire vehicle fleet must be managed in relation to vehicle disposal, types of drivers, the level of risk, types of vehicles, the number of vehicles, and more. Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs. The companys technology currently tracks more than 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organizations on six continents, making it one of the worlds largest fleet management software solutions providers. Manage costs effectively and gain visibility into fleet operations. The majority of fleet management software provides a map view of your fleet in which you can track vehicle movement in real time. Fleet management software shouldnt be this easy to use. Odoos unique value proposition is to be at the same time very easy to use and fully integrated. Sherpa fleet management software brings together the best delivery and driver management from the team at sherpa ondemand.

From a detailed fleet list through to comprehensive fleet hire, workshop and inventory management. Vehicle tracking system and software australia linxio. Vfm is one of the leading values currently available in fleet maintenance software. Future fleets, electric fleets, future mobility, zeroemission vehicles, charging infrastructure.

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