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Public diplomacy in countries of the world next, there will be presented some of the public diplomacy initiatives undertaken in order to support the country brand in different states of the world, as well as the elements that define each countrys public diplomacy. These include selfie diplomacy and real time diplomacyx. World economic forum global agenda council 2009 statement on the future of journalism. Public diplomacy, also called peoples diplomacy, any of various governmentsponsored efforts aimed at communicating directly with foreign publics. Competitive and cooperative public diplomacy 22 cooperative diplomacy competitive diplomacy 4. A crossnational comparison of public engagement in facebook and twitter article pdf available in the hague journal of diplomacy 104. The current struggle against transnational terrorism is a struggle to win hearts and minds, and the current overreliance on hard power alone is not the path to success. Eventsthe beijing olympic games and the shanghai world expo 7 reactive public diplomacy.

Public diplomacy and related concepts 16 conclusion. Youth a top public diplomacy priority should be reaching out to young people the voters, entrepreneurs, and leaders of tomorrow. A view from selfpresentation theory, european journal of political research, 46. But this could be done via what i call a file exchange program. Public diplomacy, paper presented to the workshop on international relationships in the information age. Keeping our head in a crisis 31 rapid reaction and surge. Public diplomacy model for the assessment of performance. Replace pages 2 11 and 2 12 with attached pages 2 11 and 2 12. Free space colonization fsc is a game of colonization, research, diplomacy and trade.

Sep 19, 2011, the rhetoric of public diplomacy and propaganda wars. Public diplomacy may be defined, simply, as the conduct of international relations by governments through public communications media and through dealings with a wide range of nongovernmental entities political parties, corporations, trade associations, labor unions, educational institutions, religious organizations, ethnic groups, and so on. This year, we collected more than 2,100 stories which were subsequently used to identify the major public diplomacy events of 2015. The us digital outreach team dot is one such initiative, aiming to engage directly with citizens in the middle east by posting messages about us foreign policy on internet forums.

The 2019 edition of the internet governance acronym glossary, compiled by diplofoundation, contains explanations of over 150 acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations used in ig parlance. Faculty for cultural studies, european university viadrina frankfurt oder submitted in 20 by maite kersaint, defended in june 2014. Methods include statements by decision makers, purposeful campaigns conducted by. Some terms even focus on the attributes of the digital society. Designed for students, diplomats, military officers, intelligence professionals and other practitioners, the reader is meant to be used as an instrument and guide in waging the war of ideas. It examines the changing nature of public and cultural diplomacy pcd within the context of evolving global communications. Glassman, under secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs new america foundation washington, dc december 1, 2008. In addition to the complete term, most entries include a concise explanation and a link for further information. Daalder brookings institution and lindsay university of texas, austin call for a concert of democracies a single institution dedicated to joint action that would be both effective and legitimate in. Robert reilly, former director, voice of america unique and outstanding.

Scholarly interest in the role of the internet and its applications in political. Information agency in washington, where the newest ideas in management and communications. The authors propose a new approach to conceptualizing and conducting public diplomacy, defined as a process of informing and convincing foreign publics, especially those in the muslim world, that the ideals americans cherish such as pluralism, freedom, womens rights, and democracy are fundamental human values that will resonate in their own countries. Recourse to the internet and the social media as a foreign policy instrument is proving to be more complex. It may be setting too high staa ndard to expect truly lasingt accomplishments. Internet governance acronym glossary diplofoundation. Office of the under secretary of state for public diplomacy. Public spheres and mediated social networks in the western context and beyond. In international relations, public diplomacy or peoples diplomacy, broadly speaking, is any of the various governmentsponsored efforts aimed at communicating directly with foreign publics to establish a dialogue designed to inform and influence with the aim that this foreign public supports or tolerates a governments strategic objectives. By 2008 the term new public diplomacy had been joined by a term for the public diplomacy use of the new online media.

The internet is enabling new approaches to public diplomacy. Glassman, an american journalist and commentator who served as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy for the final half of 2008. Department of state requests proposals from private u. Our public diplomacy and strategic communication must take into account demographic characteristics of different societies, and focus especially on those groups most vulnerable to extremist ideology. Cyberdiplomacy is also known as or is part of public diplomacy 2. Public relations message strategies and public diplomacy 2. This paper assesses the potential of this new model through an analysis of an early us government web 2. These include selfie diplomacy and real time diplomacy x. Rethinking the new public diplomacy 28 brian hocking introduction 28 unpicking the threads of public diplomacy 29 public diplomacy and power. Thank you we gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by.

Through the partnership established between the south africa. Public diplomacy includes all official efforts to convince targeted sectors of foreign opinion to support or tolerate a governments strategic objectives. Public diplomacy, or pd for short, usually has been, after all, a support fuon, anncti adjunct or accessoryservice to major policy initiatives which have highpolitical, economic, and even military. While the potential progress is undeniable, so is the potential danger. Department of state, public diplomacy evaluation office. This paper looks at why social media are an effective tool for twoway communication and how it can enhance u. An exploratory case study of the us digital outreach team article pdf available in the middle east journal 663 january 2011 with 686 reads how we measure reads. As the web became a domain for usergenerated content a variety of sectors coined varieties of the web 2. However, substantial questions exist regarding the challenges associated with this new approach.

The expo unit within the office of the under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs of the u. We are living in an era of social media diplomacy, commonly referred to as diplomacy 2. Precise definitions of the new public diplomacy vary, but most analysts agree that it includes an emphasis on greater exchange, dialogue and mutuality in public diplomacy melissen 2006. Cyberdiplomacy has as its underpinnings that, it recognizes that new communication technologies offer new opportunities to interact with a wider public by adopting a network approach and making the most of an increasingly multicentric. Crisesthe sars epidemic, product scandals, and the wenchuan earthquake. Cpd perspectives is available electronically in pdf form on cpds website. Henrikson the key word in the main question before us is achieve.

The public diplomacy reader is a 500page compendium of intellectual and practical tools for the crosscultural communicator. A public diplomacy strategy for south africa by alex laverty 11 dec 2010 brand south africa working in concert with fifa and adidas will implement a program which seeks to transfer experience and knowledge gained through south africas hosting of the world cup in 2010. The three dimensions of public diplomacy 8 news management strategic communications relationship building 3. The problem is not just whatdo es public diplomacy do, but what results does and can it obtain. Public diplomacy in the age of social media duration. Thank you, steve clemons and the new american foundation, for giving me this opportunity to tell you about public diplomacy 2. I have been asked to describe and discuss public diplomacy from the practitioners perspective. Public diplomacy expert helle dale explains the recent deve lopments, strategies, benefits, and risks of cyber diplomacy. If we define public diplomacy as the art of communicating with foreign publics to establish a dialogue that informs and influences, then twitter naturally serves as an ideal tool. Public diplomacy has a long history as a means of promoting a countrys soft power and was essential in winning the cold war.

Perhaps the invitation resulted in part from the fact that besides being a practitioner of public diplomacy for most of my professional life, i recently worked in a government reinvention lab at the u. Jan 05, 2011 this paper assesses the potential of this new model through an analysis of an early us government web 2. Democracies of the world, unite, the american interest, winter januaryfebruary, 2007, 519. Cull date 0320 volume 15 issue 1 page start 123 page end 9 doi 10. Israeli justification of force during the 2006 lebanon war, global change, peace and security, 21. The importance of social media as a tool of public diplomacy has gained traction in u. New challenges, new solutions marija manojlovic and celia helen thorheim the hague, netherlands institute of international relations clingendael. Technology is reinventing the way nations communicate, but theres still much to be said for the old ways of doing business. Bruce gregorys reading list educational resources ivo daalder and james lindsay. Against this background, the proposed paper fathoms the potential of social media for public diplomacy understood as an aggregation of individual and organizational performances.

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